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Enterprise Control


Aura Enterprise allows you to manage one master menu across your enterprise. Menus are distributed via an Enterprise Subscription which publishes new changes to all stores in the enterprise affected by those changes. You can decide whether or not you want individual stores to be able to make changes to their menu, stock items or recipes, or if they should be managed centrally instead. This is particularly useful where a group has different formats of restaurants - such as a Shopping Mall Concept which may have only a limited subset of the brand's menu items - or a Halaal format store for example where certain meat items are different. Restaurants can also be configured for multiple brands - such as in the case where one large kitchen services multiple counters and distinct brands.

At Cosoft we also have a dedicated menu management service where our staff will capture new products into the system and handle the distribution of menus and promotion details to your restaurants.

When building a new supporting feature into the application, all stores get the update via the Internet through our software updater, ensuring that the whole franchise gets the benefit of the latest system. We are able to control features by brand, allowing brand-specific development requirements to go out to that brand only.

Enterprise Reporting Being able to report centrally is as simple as going to a website, logging in, and running reports across the enterprise. For example:

  • Sales mix across the brand
  • Top stores for any period
  • Top selling products
  • Royalty reports for all stores

If point-and-click reports are not enough, we can give you full Business Intelligence capability with slice-and-dice tools such as Microsoft PerformancePoint so you can drill down across the region, product, stores, date or other dimensions in a spreadsheet-like environment.

We support tiered access to your MyAura data. As an example, a franchisor can see all stores, a franchise manager could see all stores in a region, a multiple store owner would see only his stores, and a store manager would see just the stores that he runs. 


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