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Driver Tracking


We are able to offer you driver tracking and delivery optimization through our sister company Delivery Tribe. Deliveree is software that has been tightly integrated with Aura. Delivery Tribe has some key features that will optimize your delivery business and reduce delivery costs.

  • See where all your drivers are on a map;
  • See where all your deliveries are on a map;
  • Visually group orders that can be delivered together;
  • Optimize the route ensuring orders arrive on time and using the shortest possible route and least fuel;
  • Manage your delivery data via a suite of rich reports. Know exactly when each order was delivered, the route taken, if it was late, what your average delivery time is each hour of each day of the week;
  • Improve your driver rostering to better manage peak periods;
  • Deliver to anyone anywhere, you don’t even need an address. You can deliver to a sailboat on a lake;

Find out more about Deliveree by visiting the site here:




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