Aura Training


Cosoft now offers training courses at the Aura Training Academy in Midrand (Gauteng) or Tyger Valley (W. Cape) or Pietermaritzburg (KZN).

  1. Introduction to Computing & Windows
    This course is for those that don't know anything about computers - it covers the basics of what a computer is all about and finding your way around in Microsoft Windows.
  2. Aura Beginner Training
    This course is for Store Managers and Franchisees. This course will give store managers all the training they need to be able to operate the system successfully covering a broad range of topics such as stock control, invoicing at the point-of-sale and cashing up.
  3. Onsite Training
    This course is for all your staff from kitchen staff who use Aura to clock in and out, through to your cashiers, waiters, drivers, managers and franchisee. It is done onsite at your store and gets your whole team ready for Aura.
  4. Aura Advanced Training
    This course is done at our Aura Training Academy and is aimed only at Managers, Franchisees, Franchise Consultants and Business Owners The course will go in depth into Aura and as such you will need to have passed the Onsite Training or Induction Training quiz or have 3 months experience using Aura before attending the intermediate course. If you want to know the finer details of stock control, how to troubleshoot stock variances, how to analyse GP's and setting up user permissions to represent the way in which you want to control your business, then this course is for you.

Aura Certification

Upon completion of each course, the user participates in an online quiz. The quiz pulls random questions from a question bank so that each time the quiz is attempted, the questions will be slightly different. Users can attempt a quiz up to 3 times and if the user achieves the required pass rate of 75%, he or she will be presented with a printed Aura Certificate.

Course Outline

Please click on one of the following three links for further information regarding the various course contents.

Beginner Training is done at our Aura Training Academy about 1 week before you open.

Onsite Training is done at your store when you open your doors or when a store is bought by a new owner.

Advanced Training is done at our Aura Training Academy about 2-3 months after opening your store. 

Online Training can be done at any time. If you achieve a pass mark of 75% or above you will receive a certificate. All the courses above include the Aura Quiz and certificate. 


Beginner Course: R2050 (ex vat) to book our training academy for the day.

Onsite Training: Stores are individually quoted.

Advanced Course: R2050 (ex vat) to book our training academy for the day.

The Beginner Course fee will be discounted by 100% for all new customers when they purchase a new copy of Aura provided they also purchase their hardware from Cosoft. Please note this is only valid for a month before the store opens.


Beginner Course: 09:30 until 15:00

Onsite Training: 7 hours per day. We will arrange the times with you.

Advanced Course: 09:30 until 15:00

A lunch break of 1 hour will be between 12pm and 1pm. Please note that lunch is not included. Coffee and soft drinks are supplied.


Click here for an interactive google map, directions and estimated driving times to all Cosoft offices. 


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