Aura Restaurant Software

Our Proudly South African point-of-sale system for fast food, home delivery and table service restaurant groups has been tried and tested by leading companies for more than 20 years! We have focused on the hospitality industry and our software is tailored to meet the specific needs of managing a successful restaurant business.

Whether you operate a single neighborhood restaurant or a nationwide chain, Aura will provide you with all the tools you need to run a successful business - keeping tight controls of gross profit, margins, staff effectiveness and stock losses. Aura has evolved around the needs of multiple-outlet groups so it has built-in support for multi-store configurations.

In addition to table-service restaurants, our software is used extensively in pizza outlets that rely on fast and efficient home delivery, with add-on modules specifically tailored to this industry. Aura is depended upon daily by the leading pizza chains in South Africa!

We understand that franchisors focus on standards of operating procedures, product codes, descriptions, recipes and prices across the business. New promotions need to be distributed to all stores and implemented on time. Our Aura Enterprise software allows these things to be accomplished with ease.

Our products support Brand Workflow which can prompt cashiers to greet customers in a consistent way, and to communicate promotions and up-sell suggestions to customers. Aura supports multiple branded structures such as "combo" stores where more than one brand is manufactured and sold from a single kitchen area.

Menus, pricing, workflow and enterprise parameters can all be controlled centrally from Head Office and automatically distributed to stores when ready. Turnover figures need to be accurate and on-time and if necessary integrated with the group accounting sytem to raise royalty management and advertising invoices to franchisees. We integrate with e-commerce systems, loyalty platforms, credit card switching services, switchboards and group accounting systems. 

We also understand the need to be able to analyse consolidated figures for the whole business - and our enterprise solutions provide web based delivery of consolidated information to head office from simple point-and-click reports to full fledged web-based Business Intelligence.

We are market leaders in the ever expanding home delivery sector of the hospitality market. Cosoft is now ISO 9001:2008 certified which takes us a step further towards our goal to be South Africa's most admired developer of POS solutions for the hospitality industry.

BEE Status

We are a level 4 BEE contributor, as well as a value adding supplier, giving our customers an additional level benefit.

Customer Testimonials

  • “Getting income figures from our franchisees used to be a nightmare of faxes, e-mails and phone-calls. Now it’s as easy as a few mouse clicks in Internet Explorer”

  • “Since installing Aura we increased our average transaction size by 45%”

  • “I use the SMS feature to get turnover figures for each of my stores every night after cashup”

  • “I thought keeping my eye on stock was good enough - but after installing Aura we saw that we were losing R15,000 per month due to poor stock controls”

  • “Aura has enabled my business to cut down on delivery costs by 23%”

  • “In the first two weeks of using Aura we caught 3 cashiers with their hands in the till”

  • “I used the audit trail feature in Aura to prove to the CCMA that my manager was trying to manipulate stock to hide his theft”

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