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For Aura support dial 0860 994 093 from within South Africa.

If you are outside South Africa, please call our main number on +27 31 940 7003


You can also email

You can also visit the Aura Support Portal

  • We provide on-site, telephonic and remote support;
  • We give support 365 days per year;
  • We have offices in KZN, Gauteng & W. Cape;
  • We have dedicated training facilities in Gauteng and the W. Cape with a separate terminal for each student to provide the best hands-on experience. We are busy building our training facility in KZN.

We offer on-site, telephonic and remote control support to all our customers. We are able to service locations nationwide throughout South Africa. We have relationships with hardware vendors in several African countries and with their support we are able to give telephonic and remote support services to these customers.

We currently have customers in Ivory Coast, Ghana, Botswana, Nigeria, Kenya, Swaziland, Mauritius, Mozambique, Zambia, Uganda and Tanzania to name but a few.

Remote support is usually used either for limited training purposes or in cases where telephonic support is not an option. In cases where hardware has physically failed, remote support is often not a sufficient means of support and a visit to the store will be required (a call-out).

Remote support allows a technician to connect remotely to a customer's server at store level and operate on the computer as if he was standing in front of it.

Once a remote session has been established, the technician's screen, mouse and keyboard take over the store's screen, mouse and keyboard and the technician is then able to perform actions on the computer for support purposes.

All that is required for remote support is a decent Internet connection and a remote support product.

We currently use LogMeIn for remote support. You can read more about this product at


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