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Who is Cosoft?

Whether you are a neighbourhood restaurant or franchise chain, we can provide you with tools that will enable you to run your business more successfully.

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Cosoft provides complete information systems for the restaurant industry. Our business solutions have been tried and trusted by leading companies since 1994. We have installations throughout Africa from South Africa to the Sudan.

Our products were born through the ever expanding home delivery sector of the hospitality industry, specializing in providing the industry with franchise controls, and tools to actively build relationships with customers.

Our complete solutions include software, hardware, networking, training, consulting, support, enterprise information management and data warehousing.

Business Benefits

Having been in the business for more than 17 years, we recognise that stock controls are essential to the effective management of your business. Stock Control is the heart and soul of the application. A Stock Variance report will show you your stock losses by comparing your actual stock usage to your theoretical stock usage based on sales through the till and item recipes. 

Proper stock controls are only possible if your menu and stock database is up-to-date, and your recipes are accurate - which is exactly why we have a dedicated team to assist you with this!

Gross Profit (GP) is the golden indicator in your business. Aura will show you a theoretical GP figure that you could have achieved with your sales mix had you been fortunate enough not to have any shrinkage. Compare this with your Actual GP, and the report will give you a value figure showing you the difference between theoretical and actual.

Having dealt mainly with franchises and multi-store owners, we know that running reports can be a pain. Our scheduled batch reporting tool allows you to set up batches of reports to generate automatically and get distributed via email to lists of recipients. For example, a Stock Variance report to go out every Monday at 11:00am for the week prior goes to the owner and managers; a GP report to the owner on the 5th of every month for the previous month; a Royalty Report to go to the master franchise holder on the 7th of every month.

We also recognise that a multi-store owner cannot always be there to keep an eye on things. We have integrated SMS agents that will send you a text message on certain trigger points in the application – either real time or according to a schedule. For example, if a manager voids a transaction, you could receive a text message with the details of the transaction and which manager did it. Perhaps you want a text message every night after closing showing you the store turnover.

If a delivery customer places a high value order, the system could text you the customer’s name, phone number and value of the order so that you can call and thank the customer. If a manager makes an adjustment to a posted stock take figure, you may want to know about it as and when it happens.

We know that ordering the right mix of stock can be a challenge. Put in a turnover figure, and the Order Wizard will tell you exactly what you need to order by supplier so that you have enough stock-cover to achieve that turnover figure. This is determined by looking at history and using your sales mix and recipes to determine the right combination of stock needed – considering current stock on hand. A quick review and approval allows you to then generate orders from your suppliers.

Your staff’s ability to upsell will have a direct impact on average transaction size. This will have a direct effect on turnover. Our unique Brand Workflow feature is integrated with pick-lists to generate screen prompts. This encourages “up-sell” by your cashiers. 

We have had reported cases where turnover has increased between 5% and 45% after implementing brand workflow!

Aura offers you the following business benefits:

  • Peace of mind with our National Support structures;
  • System Reliability and ease of use;
  • Complete Management of Food cost (FC) and Gross Profit (GP);
  • Fast and accurate stock control;
  • Date-to-Date reporting including FC and GP;
  • Actual vs. Theoretical Gross Profit;
  • Automatic generation and distribution of reports via email;
  • Brand Workflow – screen prompting for cashiers to promote up-sell and increase average basket size;
  • Automatic generation of Stock orders;
  • Biometric security (fingerprint scanning);
  • Monitoring and management of staff efficiencies.

About our hardware

Our Proudly South African software is branded as Aura™. The system can run on a touch-screen interface or mouse and keyboard driven - which is sometimes preferred if capturing customer address information.

We supports Table Service, Quick Service and Home Delivery restaurant formats.

We align ourselves with leading hardware manufactures. Our integrated computer-touchscreen units are from HiSense – China’s biggest point-of-sale manufacturer, and carry a three year warranty. These units have proven to have a failure rate of less than 1%. If your terminal does ever give you a problem, we’ll lend you a unit while we sort out the problem so that your business continues to operate with minimal disruption.

Our printers are supplied by Epson. All these printers carry a 3-year warranty.

To keep your downtime to a minimum, if your printer fails during the 3 year period, we do a single trip – to collect the faulty printer and issue you with an immediate replacement. Problem resolved in a single visit!

We recognise that existing stores may have already made a significant investment in computer equipment – and so for those outlets we do not insist on using our own hardware. This is however recommended to avoid installation problems where equipment is not to our recommended specification.


We make use of the Internet for software updates, remote software support and our enterprise services. Costs of ADSL connectivity have come down significantly in recent years and being online has become an affordable reality in South Africa.

Because our software is home-grown and not sold under license from a third-party, we are able to customise it to suit particular needs. For example, we recently developed a real-time on-line ordering solution for one of South Africa’s leading pizza chains which is completely integrated with the Aura software.

Approved changes to Aura are typically not charged for – and are built into our core product and made available to our customer base.

The system obtains upgrades via the Internet so enhancement request from Franchise Head Offices continually make their way down to every store across the entire franchise base.

Enterprise Services

Centralised control means being able to make menu changes once, and publish those changes to all stores with a couple of mouse clicks. You can decide whether or not you want individual stores to be able to make changes to the menu, stock items or recipes.

If we build a new supporting feature into the application, all stores get the update via the Internet through our software updater, ensuring that the whole franchise gets the benefit of the new feature.

Being able to report centrally is as simple as going to a website, logging in, and running reports across the enterprise with a few mouse clicks. For example:

  • Sales mix across the brand
  • Top stores for any period
  • Top selling products
  • Royalty reports for all stores

If point-and-click reports are not enough, we can give you full Business Intelligence capability with slice-and-dice tools such as Microsoft PerformancePoint so you can drill down across region, product, stores, date or other dimensions in a spreadsheet-like environment.


The POS or Invoicing terminal runs on a networked workstation. All data is stored on the server which runs a Microsoft SQL Server database. This way, a POS terminal cannot run in offline mode and hide turnover from the master franchise.

Features include the following:

  • Touch-screen or Keyboard driven
  • Consistency of on-screen buttons across stores;
  • Cashups at the POS terminal or BackOffice computer;
  • Blind cashups to avoid fraud;
  • Counter / Collect / Delivery / Sit-down table transactions;
  • Record Customer Details, ranking, history, profiling;
  • Graphical view of restaurant tables;
  • Full access control for all users;
  • Complete activity audits;
  • Optional Fingerprint access or swipe card control;
  • To save costs, BackOffice computer can function as a POS terminal as well;
  • Streets database with map reference for deliveries to prevent “dirty” customer data;


The BackOffice application is used for all administration and reporting in the system.

  • Recipe-based Cost of Sales;
  • Actual vs Theoretical Gross Profit and Food Cost;
  • Stock Variances by Unit and Value;
  • Stock Ordering according to historical sales mix;
  • Receipting of stock against orders
  • Suppliers database;
  • Unlimited stock items, stock locations;
  • Control accounted-for and unaccounted-for stock losses;
  • Product performance reports;
  • Exception reports and alerts to avoid data input errors;


Monitoring the performance of staff members means being able to push up-sell in your business which increases average transaction size. This has a direct effect of increasing turnover in the business.

  • Productivity reports such as avg. transaction size, rate of up-sell;
  • Fingerprint recognition for security;
  • Time & Attendance;
  • Full activity audits;
  • Staff Meal control;


Flexible, graphically rich reporting which can export data to multiple formats including Word, Excel and Portable Document Format (PDF).

All reports are date-driven which means you can run reports for any time period.

Report batches can be scheduled to run automatically and then distributed to email lists.

Data Warehousing

Access to consolidated figures is provided via Internet Explorer through point and click reports.

Additional Business Intelligence options are available for the advanced needs of power users.


  • Our services include:
  • Customisation of software;
  • Data management;
  • On-site and remote support;
  • Networking & wiring;
  • Hardware & software installation;
  • Classroom Training;

Our Offices

We have offices in Gauteng, KZN and the W. Cape with training facilities in each office for hands-on training.

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