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What are the factors that influence both the Actual Food Cost and the Theoretical Food Cost?

To answer this question, one needs to first understand the difference between actual food costs and theoretical food costs.

The actual food cost is calculated as the opening stock value plus the purchases value plus movement of stock into or out of the location less the closing food cost value.

The theoretical food cost is calulated by taking the sales of each menu item and multiplying it's recipe by the unit cost of each recipe item.

Factors Influencing Actual Food Cost:

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Top 10 Reasons for Stock Variances

Below you can find a list of reasons for stock variances. By checking each item on this list - you should be able to solve the mystery. The list has been created in order of likelihood with the most likely reasons at the top. Click read more to see the list below.

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Cashier Access Permissions

We receive many calls in our helpdesk from business owners wanting to know what access permissions we recommend for cashiers. When you start to block your cashiers from performing certain activities, you increase security and at the same time you can decrease efficiency. You need to find an optimum balance that does not inadvertently affect customer service.

We recommend starting with a very secure configuration and if you find that it is too restrictive, then you can allow any extra features as you see fit. So here is a list of the bare minimum of allowed permissions for cashiers in a maximum security environment.

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On-site Support Expands Into 4 New Provinces.

In a drive to improve our on-site support and service levels in provinces where we do not currently have offices, we recently held a 3rd Party Technicians Certification Program at our Midrand branch.

The following people are now certified to install and support Aura as well as supply Cosoft approved hardware locally.

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The difference between 'Synchronising' and 'Downloading Menus'

There is some terminology that can be useful to understand when you are dealing with our helpdesk or trying to explain a problem or understand a solution.

AEC - Aura Enterprise Client

This is the application that runs on your server and keeps your menu up to date and synchronises data.

AES - Aura Enterprise Server

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What 'Calculate Missing Stock Levels' means on the Gp and Stock Variance reports

When you run either the stock variance report or the gp report, one of the optional settings is 'Calculate Missing Stock Levels.' This short tutorial aims to explain what this setting does.

Aura POS Calculate Missing Stock Levels

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Cosoft signs Aura Reseller Agreement in Tanzania

Patience Nduke has recently been appointed as an approved Aura Value Added Reseller in Tanzania. This license allows Patience to generate revenue in Tanzania by selling Aura and supporting the product locally.

We plan to use Value Added Resellers to expand our reach and improve upon service delivery throughout Africa. Aura Value Added Resellers will have access to the same internal processes that Cosoft uses to manage operations in South Africa.

Cosoft is currently looking for Aura Value Added Resellers in the following regions:

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Debonairs Pizza Golf Day

Cosoft sponsored the 13th hole at the recent Debonairs Pizza Golf Day. All players were greeted with a smile by our two promotion girls and then immediately required to down a shot of Caramel Vodka. The 14th hole required players to mount a mechanical bull and hang on for dear life. The vodka had just enough time to settle nicely for their bull ride. Here are some photo's from the day.

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Should I leave my computers on at night or switch them off?

Modern computers should be switched off at night. Long gone are the days when computers were so fragile that switching them on and off caused them to heat up and cool down and thus break the fragile components.

There are numerous benefits to switching your computers off at night. Please click read more below...

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Windows 98 no longer runs Aura.

We stopped supporting Windows 98 over 5 years ago, but Aura has still been able to run on it. From version onwards, Aura will not run on Windows 98 at all.

If you still have workstations running Windows 98, we recommend purchasing a new server and downgrading your current server to a workstation to replace the Windows 98 machine. If you have more than one Windows 98 machine, these will need to be replaced. You will not be able to upgrade the version of Windows. A new machine will need to be purchased.

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