SMSAgent 1.0.22 Released

An update (1.0.22) to SMSAgent has been released. Sites running SMSAgent will be automatically updated to the new version.

SMSAgent 1.0.22 contains two significant bug fixes.

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Backing Up Your Database

Aura does do automated backups on a daily basis, but these backups are not kept offsite. Should your store be burgled or water or fire damaged, the chance of losing all your backups is very real. Modern technology has made life a little easier with regards to manual offsite backups. 

DreamSafe offers an affordable on-line backup solution. Cosoft has a deal with DreamSafe whereby any sized Aura database can be backed up daily for R245 per month plus VAT if the database is less than a Gigabyte (90% of stores). If your database is greater than this then the cost is R345 per month.

Learn more about the solution by visiting

Aura Updater

Aura Updater - How To Update

From BackOffice, click on Help -> Check For Updates to start the Aura Updater. Follow the on-screen instrutions to check that you are up to date with the latest software changes.

Aura Updater - Overview

The Aura Updater is the application of Aura suite controlling the downloading and installation of software updates.
Keeping software up to date is essential, as when problems arise they need to be quickly resolved. Similarly, when new features are available it is important that all users have access to them.

SMSAgent Overview

The SMSAgent Suite is a group of applications designed to improve on customer relations and communication.
Designed to integrate with the Aura POS system; the SMSAgent features include functions such as automatically messaging the client when their delivery order has left the store with the driver. Or informing you when a function has been performed (Cashup Completed, Staff Discounts etc.).

5.7.6 Release Notes


Included in this update are extensive additions to the BackOffice Help Manual

Stock Take:

External Stock Location Available for Stock Take
Fixed: It is no longer possible to do a stock take on an external location.

Making a Stock location external
Fixed: Setting of external stock location without the required permissions.

Customer Support

At Cosoft we are doing everything we can to improve the quality of our customer support. In the past two years we have implemented the following changes to our support processes and structures:

Creation of a dedicated Customer Services Management position

Aura Applications

• Mail Manager can now print labels for targeting customers by postal marketing.
• MENUUDATE and ADC have been replaced by AEC(Aura Enterprise Client)
• Back office is now integrated with Update check - if you open the help menu and click on Check for Update, it will make sure you are on the latest version.

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