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Sharing your ADSL account between multiple locations - A warning

If you are having problems with your ADSL account occasionally dropping the connection, you might be using it at more than one location.

We have started noticing this trend lately as store owners use one ADSL account between two or three or more locations.

In some cases this will work just fine. In other cases this will appear to work, but the connection will work intermittently and in other cases it will not work at all.

It all depends on your service provider and adsl package.

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The Aura Helpdesk is Expanding

We have recently employed four new employees in our helpdesk to help us with our goal of reducing the wait time in the phone queue.

They are currently undergoing training and will be taking calls from March.

We still have one vacancy to fill in the helpdesk in our Hilton branch. CV's can be sent to

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Did you know that you access the Aura manual by pressing F1?

Aura's manual is now approaching the 700 page mark. Andre has worked hard to keep the manual updated and relevant but wading through a 700 page manual can become tiresome.

Did you know that from any screen in Aura you can press the F1 button on the keyboard and the manual will open on the page that is relevant to the screen you are on?

Try it. Stuck with returning stock? Go to that screen in Backoffice and press F1. The manual is also hyperlinked so you can jump from section to section instantly by clicking on the blue links.

Dial up Internet vs ADSL Broadband


Dial up internet vs ADSL broadband

Connecting to the Internet will invariably be via one of two routes - a dial-up internet connection or ADSL. So what's the difference between the two?

Dial-up connections

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Aura Network Diagram

This specification document shows the Aura network in blue. This specification must be followed regardless of whether you plan to use Nomad Credit Card processing at the site or not.

If you ever do install Nomad, the nomad network is also shown in red.

Aura Network Diagram 

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ADSL - The jargon explained

Aura requires a permanent ADSL line to work properly. This line is used to download menu's, send product sales information to your head office, keep yoour license active, download new program versions and of course for the Aura helpdesk to be able to support you.
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International internet traffic has been affected by the damaged Seacom cable.

The Seacom cable that carries your internet information between Africa and Europe has been damaged. This means that international internet access will be slow and unreliable until the cable has been repaired. We are experiencing constant disconnections when connected to clients remotely via logmein.

A ship has been dispatched to Mombasa to lift the cable and repair it. 

We ask for your patience as this issue is out of our control.

You can read the full article here

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Which stock costing model is best for my business? FIFO vs FIXED STOCK.

Aura supports two stock costing methods.


2) FIFO (First In First Out)

The two methods above use slightly different formulas to determine the value of your stock on hand.

  • Aura uses the most recently paid price of the stock item for all the stock on hand. 
  • Aura uses various unit prices for a single stock item and applies them to the quantities that were purchased at those respective prices.
  • Aura assumes you use the oldest stock first.

For example:

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