Remote Ordering Platform

Our customers have been asking for support for online ordering, as well as support for call centres - and we've been listening!

Aura is now fully integrated with the Yumbi remote ordering platform. We are now able to offer you an online ordering portal for your brand which will allow your customers to place orders online. Orders will be completely integrated into your Aura database as if a silent cashier had placed it using Aura Invoicing. Orders print in the same way as if they were captured in-store on kitchen display systems, and printers in the restaurant.

We are also now able to offer you a call centre platform for placing orders. Instead of taking your phone-in orders in the actual store, you are now able to centralise that function, and orders are distributed across stores from a central, remote location. You can either have one big national call centre for all your stores, or you can have smaller, regional call centres that service certain stores. This solution also supports multi-branded call centre configurations where a call centre can take phone-in orders for multiple brands.

Here is a downloadable guide for setting up your call centre.

You can also read more about Yumbi here.

If you are interested in learning more about either an online ordering solution for your customers, or implementing a call centre for your business, please submit your details below and we'll get back to you shortly...

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