Aura Invoicing Terminals

Touch or keyboard/mouse Interface Options

Touch InterfaceOur point-of-sale cashier interface comes in two flavours: Touchscreen OR keyboard. This can be configured on a terminal by terminal basis - meaning that you can have one terminal dedicated for home deliveries for example, with a keyboard interface to facilitate capturing of street addresses and notes about the customer, and the other screens with a touch interface for rapid capturing of items for over-the counter orders. Alternatively each terminal can have a touch interface together with the keyboard interface so that either can be used.

Mobile Option

Mobile POSWe also have a mobile option for our point-of-sale software. This works with a wireless network allowing your waitrons to place orders from the customer's side rather than have to run back and forth between tables and till points. As the orders get placed, new items print automatically in the kitchen or display on the kitchen monitor. These mobile devices can be used either with table-service restaurants, or to alleviate the queues in quick-service restaurant environments.

Uptime Reassurance!

ELO Fanless all-in-oneWe promote the use of ELO touchscreens and embedded units because of their reliability. We also supply a range of FEC touchscreens which are slightly lower in cost but without having to compromise much on quality. Both of these units have proven themselves to be exceptional in their usability and reliability.

The unit on display here is a fanless, all-in-one touchscreen/pc combination with optional swip-card reader, fingerprint reader and customer display at the back.

All our touchscreens carry a 3 year warranty. If anything goes wrong with the touchscreen in that period, we will simply swop it out and give you a refurbished unit so that you are up and running without delay. After the warranty period, we will lend you a "loan" unit while we get a quotation for you - giving you peace of mind that you won't be "down" for extended periods of time. This loan policy applies to all other hardware components of our point-of-sale system.

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