Aura Software Updates

Aura Version Updates

Download the Aura Update Installer. Once installed, you can check for updates from Backoffice by clicking on Help - Check for updates.

Remote Support


We use Ammyy to connect to your computers to assist you remotely. For installation instructions, please read this document.



ELO Touchscreen Drivers

Epson M1200 Laser Printer

OKI Report Printer (B401)

Epson Com Port Emulation Software Windows 8 (for USB Epson TM-T70 Printers)

Epson Com Port Emulation Software Windows XP (for USB Epson TM-T70 Printers)

Epson Advanced Printer Driver for Windows 8

Epson TMT88ii, Sewoo WT150 and Sewoo WTP100 Drivers for Windows XP

Hi-sense & Digital Persona URU Fingerprint Scanners

Supporting Files

Aura CRXI (needed to view reports)

SQL Server 2005 Express for Windows XP 

SQL Server 2012 Express for Windows 8 32 Bit

SQL Server 2012 Express for Windows 8 64 Bit

SQL Server 2012 Express Customized Aura Installer

Brand Specific Header Downloads


Debonairs win with E-TV w2

Debonairs Mauritius Header

Steers Mauritius Header

Empire Pizza Header

Galitos Header

Steers Header

Giramundo Header

Fishaways Header

Romans R99 Special 06/08/2015

Romans Lunch time Header

Romans Big Deal Header


St Elmos

Pizzaboyz Header 

Brand Specific Imaging Downloads


Steers Generic 17/11/2015

Steers Generic Soda F 17/11/2015

Steers Halaal 17/11/2015

Steers Halaal Soda F 17/11/2015

Combo Generic 17/11/2015

Combo Halaal 17/11/2015

Debonairs 17/11/2015

Romans Images 32bit 21/07/2015

Romans Images 64bit 21/07/2015

Zambian Brands Only:
Debonairs Zambia Header
Milky Lane Zambia Header
Nandos Zambia Header
Steers Zambia Headea

 Debonairs Zambia Crammed Crust Header






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