Our Hardware

We have standardised our point-of-sale software Aura on Hisense fanless technology for the workstations, Epson printers and HP for our raid servers. Our workstations are all-in-one, complete fanless units where the computer and touchscreen are integrated as one device. This means a smaller footprint, fewer wires, and more reliable equipment to operate your business with.


The integrated peripherals such as swipecard reader and customer facing display shown in the image above are optional extras. The back of the unit is clean, wire-free and compact. Our Hisense pricing is extremely competitively priced. A statistical sample of these units has demonstrated an average time to failure of 50,000 hours or 5.7 years of continuous use.

We are now also proud to be selling compact HP computers, also with a 3 year warrantee. Although this computer is not technically a server, they are more than adequate to operate as servers in the Aura environment. Our HP computers have the latest Raid 1 technology that is not available even in high-end desktop computers. Raid 1 means that your server has two hard-drives, each being a mirror of the other. As a user, the second drive is invisible in Windows. If your hard-drive fails, Aura will continue to run perfectly without so much as a reboot and you will be notified to replace the faulty hard-drive. You will experience zero downtime and zero loss of data. We can arrive at a mutually agreeable time to replace the faulty hard-drive which is a matter of simply plugging it in and rebooting the server. A problem that would have caused you to experience total information loss of Aura, your database, your emails and all other information as well as stop you trading in your tracks and then cost you a 10 hour long high priority callout can now be resolved in 10 minutes with no loss of data or trade and at a conveniently quiet time of the day.

HP RP5800

Although we standardise on HP, Hisense and Epson computer equipment, Aura will run on non-proprietary computer hardware. This means that if you have an existing investment in hardware, we can in most cases install our system on your equipment. Installations done on third-party hardware are generally problematic - with issues such as drivers missing or out of date, insufficient serial ports, disconnected or insufficient USB ports and out of date operating system environments being the main offenders.

If we do an installation with third-party hardware, we insist that the supplier of that hardware do the computer, network and operating system installation and only once we have validated that the equipment is up to specification, and valid operating systems with up-to-date service packs, patches and drivers are we able to go ahead with the installation.

All Hisense (excluding the HK-220 model), Hp and Epson hardware carries a 3 year walk in warranty.

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