SMS Agents

SMSAgent is a suite of applications designed to improve on customer relations and keep you informed of certain activities within your store via cell phone network's Short Message System service (SMS).

Designed to integrate with the Aura POS system, our SMSAgent features include functions such as:

  • Automatically messaging the client when their delivery order has left the store with the driver;
  • Informing any number of people when a particular function has been performed (Cashup Completed, Staff Discounts etc.);
  • Sending additional information about key performance indicators such as store turnover and staff attendance.

Messages are sent either according to a schedule you specify, or immediately depending on what event occurred. For example, if a delivery customer places an order for more than R500 then you may want to send an SMS to the store owner with the customer's name and number for a personalized caring call-back from the business owner. Some of the benefits this brings to your business are: 

  • Increased customer loyalty, if customers know their order has been processed on the way they have greater confidence in the service provided.
  • Customers will feel a more personal relationship with your business.
  • Stay informed of events happening as they happen. Lack of staff, excessive discounting, delayed cash-ups, day end turnover and other important notifications keep you informed immediately or over time so that you can be more responsive to issues that arrise as soon as they happen.
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