Cashier Access Permissions

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We receive many calls in our helpdesk from business owners wanting to know what access permissions we recommend for cashiers. When you start to block your cashiers from performing certain activities, you increase security and at the same time you can decrease efficiency. You need to find an optimum balance that does not inadvertently affect customer service.

We recommend starting with a very secure configuration and if you find that it is too restrictive, then you can allow any extra features as you see fit. So here is a list of the bare minimum of allowed permissions for cashiers in a maximum security environment.

  1. To Adjust Invoice Line Quantity
  2. To Exit GUI  View
  3. To Process Invoices
  4. To Start a New Till Shift
  5. To Void an Invoice Line

AURA Restaurant POS South Africa - Cashier Access

To change the access permissions, open backoffice and navigate to Preferences>Access Permissions. Then select the 'Cashier' category on the left hand side. On the right hand side, you can move each permisison up to the 'allowed section' or down to the 'prohibited section' as you see fit.



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