The difference between 'Synchronising' and 'Downloading Menus'

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There is some terminology that can be useful to understand when you are dealing with our helpdesk or trying to explain a problem or understand a solution.

AEC - Aura Enterprise Client

This is the application that runs on your server and keeps your menu up to date and synchronises data.

AES - Aura Enterprise Server

This is the sister of AEC. It runs on a server in our office and also keeps your menu up to date and synchronises data.

Downloading the latest Menu Version

AEC will check with AES every two hours to see if there is a menu for your Brand and profile. If there is, it will automatically download it. When activation day arrives, AEC will automatically activate the menu and refresh the menu on all your tills. Your menu version is always shown at the bottom of Invoicing and Backoffice.

The menu version is not linked to the Aura Version in any way.


In addition to downloading menu's, AEC also sends data from your store to AES. This is called synchronising. The type of data it sends is sales related. What items you are selling, how many of them, the time of each sale and so on. All of this data is received from all stores, compiled and made available to your head office so that they can see the performance of promotions and understand customers purchasing habits. 

Synchronising is mandatory for every single one of our brands. It happens in the background automatically. You might receive an occasional phone call from us if we see that your store has stopped synchronising for whatever reason. We will attempt to resolve any technical errors for you.

Aura Version

When we speak about the Aura Version, we are talking about the version of the software. Each progressive version has new features and enhancements. This is not linked to your Menu Version in any way. The current Aura Version is The version of Aura is controlled by the Aura Updater, not AEC.

Both the Aura Updater and AEC require full-time permanent adsl internet access. We do not allow 3G or I-burst or dialup or PPPOE adsl connections.

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