What 'Calculate Missing Stock Levels' means on the Gp and Stock Variance reports

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When you run either the stock variance report or the gp report, one of the optional settings is 'Calculate Missing Stock Levels.' This short tutorial aims to explain what this setting does.

Aura POS Calculate Missing Stock Levels

When you click this setting, Aura will assume that any stock item that you have not counted balances perfectly and it will enter either an opening or a closing stock figure on your behalf in order to balance the item. Any figure that Aura has calculated itself is indicated by a * on the report.

Notice on the report below that the closing stock of French Loaves has been calculated and inserted by Aura to balance the item.

Aura Variance Report

The point of this setting is to enable you to produce a fairly accurate GP report by only counting your mainline stock items. For example, every day you count your limited set of controllables and every month you count all your stock items. You need to count all stock items to produce a GP report but you don't want to wait until the end of the month only to find out that your GP was running 5% lower than it should of been. You want that information after just one week, but you also don't want to be burdened with a full weekly stock take. Now you can still count just your controllables and run a GP report. All the small items like straws and salt and toothpicks will be assumed by Aura to balance if you tick the setting 'calculate missing stock levels.' This will give you a fairly good indicator of where your GP is heading while you still have time to fix it.

Note though that if you tick this setting at the end of the month, you could end up with one month's opening stock figure being different to the previous month's closing stock figure. Therefore this setting should not be used when you are calculating real profit and loss. It is merely an indicator. A tool to use daily or weekly, but not at month end.

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